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Biotechnologically, Regeron is a wholly integrated company and the most competitive in manufacturing authentic human growth factors and their delivery systems capable of exhibiting and maintaining respective GF-bioactivity as finished cosmetic formulations as well as cosmetic raw materials.

Long-term GF-bioactivity in a finished formulation is essential and critical to cosmetic outcomes of the GF application even on the intact skin.

Regeron and I welcome all passengers on board to this fantastic journey,

twinkling with full of miracles and

excitements along the way.

Our professional team-operations of competent experts excel any of our customers' expectations in product development time-cycle. 


Check out our timeline and see 

Regeron's establishments since year 2000

as One of the Export-Competitive Company with increasing technology industrialization.


With its best combinatorial formula, Regeron tries to present only the world-best class cosmeceuticals in their qualities as well as efficacies. Our Cosmetic lines recover natural inherent regeneration power of the skin, thereby improve undesired skin conditions such as UV-caused wrinkles, skin irritations, acne as well as hairloss.

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