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Drug delivery system have been developed to improve efficiency of drug treatment in therapeutic applications. To deliver drugs that are active only in the target area of the body in the required concentration, various methods have been attempted.

We established drug delivery systems for our recombinant proteins to overcome the skin barrier. Generally, proteins are considered very difficult to go through epidermis because of their large molecular sizes. Another problem is proteins lose their activities easily in solution. We developed methods for protein encapsulations so that the proteins can maintain their stabilities and bioactivities until delivered to the skin.

Specifically targeting cells of the hair follicle through encapsulating active ingredients inside Clairesome, an effective cosmetic outcome as well as an effecient revitalizing signal transduction to critical cells of the skin can be attained.


Regeron's unique sh-polypeptide-ingredients stimulate the skin stem cells of the hair follicle. Progenitors of the skin stem cells migrate toward all over the hair follicle surface (red arrows) and differentiate to become various types of cells including keratinocytes and hair matrix cells.


[ Development of Clairesome as a Carrier ]

[ Efficient delivery of Clairesome-encapsulated sh-polypeptides into hair follicles ]

[ Adopted from : PNAS 100, 11830 ]


Regeron is the pioneer contributor of scientific rationales and validations for protein cosmeceuticals in the fields and the world-first developer of cosmetic GH subfamily proteins (human growth hormone, prolactin, and placental lactogen) and discoverer of their authentic cosmeceutical efficacies.


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