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Regeron, Inc., a cosmeceuticals developer focusing on reverse-aging biotechnology, announces launching of novel ingredients composed of combinations of synthetic human polypeptide growth factors (INCI: sh-Polypeptides) unique to Regeron, namely Clairesome-LY-C for skincare (anti-wrinkle; anti-itching; pro-healthier-complexion) and Repilosome-GY-C for hair-care(anti-hairloss; pro-hair-growth) that invite the world's top cosmetic brands companies for an exclusive supply agreement by the end of 2013.

Clairesome-LY-C contains Placental Lactogen(INCI: sh-Polypeptide-40) and VIP(Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide; INCI: sh-Polypeptide-71) in addition tothe main active, Prolactin(INCI: sh-Polypeptide-28). Repilosome-GY-C contains EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor; INCI: sh-Oligopeptide-1) and VIP(Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide; INCI: sh-Polypeptide-71) in addition to the main active, hGH(Human Growth Hormone; INCI: sh-Polypeptide-7).


Each combination ingredient claims to be a most natural and safest to human skin, yet to show scientifically verifiable effectiveness (see below) to recommended uses, and commercially competitive and environmentally sustainable on the following grounds:

1) All Regeron sh-Polypeptides are present in or are parts of human tissues, and thus intrinsically compatible and biodegradable, therefore this class of ingredients should be the most natural as well as safest to human skin;

2) Sh-Polypeptides can not and in fact does not penetrate the epidermal barrier of intact human skin under normal conditions, therefore their topical application should be all the safer as these ingredients affect only the limited skin area in their direct contacts;

3) Cosmeceutical efficacies of sh-Polypeptides are subject to physiological interactions with as well as multi-level-feedback controls by human skin cells, thereby excessive or adverse biological effects are avoided or avoidable by design;

4) Placebo-controlled clinical tests with some sh-Polypeptide-containing formulations clearly revealed statistically significant differences in their cosmeceutical efficacies, and other sh-Polypeptide-containing formulations lacking clinical tests nevertheless attested their specific field-test efficacies track records as well;

5) Sh-Polypeptides from Regeron are all tested for their stabilities and efficacies for at least 15 months storage as individually specified;

6) Each combination sh-Polypeptides from Regeron demands extra-expensive preparations, yet reasonably and affordably priced for the high-end cosmetic products.

Regeron welcomes scientific discussions and challenges from different viewpoints to seek truth and to ultimately serve the consumers and the industry.



Regeron is the pioneer contributor of scientific rationales and validations for protein cosmeceuticals in the fields and the world-first developer of cosmetic GH subfamily proteins (human growth hormone, prolactin, and placental lactogen) and discoverer of their authentic cosmeceutical efficacies.


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