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㈜리제론 화장품 9종…중국 CFDA인증

July 28, 2015

비관세 장벽을 우회할 수 있는 대중국 수출지원 방안을 적극적 모색 한다!

Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards

November 03, 2014

Regeron's ingredients Clairesome-GY and Pristeen Claire (red box) have been  selected by a Korean Expert, Florence Bernardin, amongst her 10 recommended Korean products at  in-cosmetics Asia.

[BIO &MEDICAL KOREA] Regeron's 'Pristeen-Claire' Reinforces Skin's Regenerative Ability

May 23, 2014

REGERON Introduces 'Pristeen-Claire' that Reinforces the Skin's Regenerative Ability, participating in the 'BIO &MEDICAL KOREA 2014

(주)리제론 개발원료 '세계 10대 화장품원료' 선정

December 03, 2013

인코스메틱스 아시아展서 탈모방지 성장인자 복합원료  ‘Repilosome GY-C’, 세계 60개국 5600여명의 바이어가 참여한 이 전시에서 국내 제품 가운데 유일하게 세계 10대 원료에 선정됐다


Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards

October 28, 2013

Regeron's Cosmeceutical Ingredients Clairesome-Gy-C has been  selected as the top 10 most prominent products.

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Regeron's growth factors expect to find their near future uses as

large-scale cell culture medium supplements for proliferation and differentiation of stem cells for regenerative medical applications.


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