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Key Ingredients

Clairesome-GF Complex

OP9 is a cosmetic line containing the world-first functional cosmetic ingredients, Sh-Polypepeide-7(Clairesome-GY:human growth hormone), Sh-Pp-28(Clairesome-LY:prolactin), Sh-Pp-40(Clairesome-Al:placental lactogen), and/or Sh-Pp-71(Clairesome-VP:vasoactive intestinal peptide) as main functional cosmetic ingredients for intrinsic skin care needs.


OP9은 리제론이 개발하여 세계 최초로 화장품원료로 인정받은 특허성분 Sh-Pp-7(인간성장호르몬), Sh-Pp-28(프로락틴), Sh-Pp-40(태반락토젠), Sh-Pp-71(이완성장펜타이드)을 핵심 원료로 사용하여 피부 속에서 부터 근원적인 변화를 이끌어 냅니다.


Ursolisome(Ursolic acid)

Recently brought into a limelight, Ursolisome is known to be effective for maintaining skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles. Found in herbs and pLants, such as mountain cranberry, rosemary, pear etc.


최근 각광받는 Ursolisome은 피부 탄력과 주름 개선 효과로 알려져 있으며

허브와 크렌베리, 로즈마리, 배 등과 같은 식물에서 발견되는 성분입니다.


PGA solution 

Proven to significantly enhance the capacity of skin to retain moisture, up to 3 days, hence help maintain soft and resilient skin. PGA works better than hyaluronate and water soluble collagen in delivering moisture into deeper parts of skin. The results are visibly smoother and suppler skin.

피부의 수분을 3일까지 유지하는 능력으로 인정받은 PGA는 부드럽고 탄력있게 가꾸어 줍니다.
PGA는 히얄루론이나 수용성 콜라겐 보다도 피부 깊은 곳에 수분을 전달하여 눈에 띄게 부드러운 피부로 가꾸어줍니다.

Product Line

Revitalizing Gel 70ml

A non alcoholic, preminum gel instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin while facilitating the absorption of the treatment that follows.

일상의 피로와 외부 오염으로 인해 지친 피부에 신선함과 충분한 수분을 공급하고 각질을 정돈하여 다음 단계의 기초손질을 돕습니다.리제론 만의 특화된 성분의 침투력과 지속력을 통해 집중적인 스킨 케어를 돕습니다.

Revitalizing Serum 35ml

With Clairesome-GF Complex, the serum significantly reduces premature aging quickly restores the resilience of your skin with a look of youthful vitality.

성장에 관여하는 인체 내 단백질과 유사한 구조의 Sh-Polypeptides가  이미 노화가 진행된 피부에 생기를 더해 주고 유수분 조절과 함께 피부의 자생력을 회복시켜 항상성을 유지하게 합니다.

Revitalizing Cream 50ml
Clairesome-GF Complex will quickly absorbs into deep layers of skin with longlasting hydrating power-instantly hydrates, nourishes and restores skin density and firmness. Skin will look radiant and resilient for young-looking facial contours.

탄력있고 탱탱한 피부로 가꿔주는 크림입니다. 끈적임 없는 부드러운 사용감으로 피부에 필요한 영양과 성장에너지를 채워주어 피부를 눈에띄게 살아나게 합니다.  외부 환경으로부터 피부를 보호하고  노화가 진행된 피부에 영양과 탄력을 부여합니다.

Revitalizing Eye Cream 15ml
Smile with confidence with its remarkable anit-wrinkle and renewal power of Clairesome-GF Complex. Wrinkles and dark circles are significantly reduced in a few weeks.

예민하고 지친 눈가의 피부를 팽팽하고 탄력있게 만드는 고농축 인간성장호르몬 동일 구조 단백질이 주름을 완화시키고 혈행을 돕는 활성 성분이 지친 눈가를 탄력있고 편안하게 케어해 줍니다.


In addition to its major role as a growth factor, human growth hormone (hGH) has been reported to slow down human aging process. Countless people have used injectable hGH in an effort to turn back the biological clock. As the world's first company having developed 
a cosmetic ingredient, Sh-Polypeptide-7, Regeron makes

only those cosmetic products with a verifiable hGH bioactivity and a demonstrated skin rejuvenating efficacy.

Sh-Polypeptide-7(human growth hrmone; hGH) in the cosmetic products acts against aging as well as for renewal of the skin by stimulating skin stem cells underlying the skin epidermis in the hair follicle.

Synthetic proteins of Regeron are devoid of any animal derived material by design and produced by synthetic vector systems tailored to express target proteins.
Mass production of synthetic proteins are enabled by applying recombinant DNA technology. A breakthrough in the field of cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals that validated topical application of proteins and their efficacies on the intact skin has been achieved for the first time in the world by Regeron. 


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