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BioLetDAge CS-Line is composed of specific combinatorial formulations of Regeron's Proprietary ingredients to meet diverse skincare/hair-care needs.

•  BioLetDAge CS System (BLDA) is autologous skin reverse-aging regimen.
•  BLDA reinforces cosmetic mesotherapy with its potential benefits at its best without complications.
•  BLDA contains the world-first hGH, PRL, hPL & VIP by Regeron, as well as generic ones like EGF & FGFs (see Power Ingredients for more details)

Key Ingredients

sh-Polypeptide-7 (INCI)
Our biosynthetic ingredient sh-Polypeptide-7 is the world-first cosmetic hGH with the patented cosmetic function for improving diverse skin conditions. Regeron has demonstrated that sh-Polypeptide-7 has multi-faceted effects on general skincare needs including anti-UV damages, anti-blemishes, and anti-irritation.

sh-Polypeptide-28 (INCI)
Cosmetic Prolactin (sh-Polyeptide-28) is another world-first ingredient of ours with anti-aging functions and patented Clairesome-encapsulation technology. Regeron has proven that sh-Polypeptide-28 confers anti-wrinkle effects by conducting a clinical test in a certified institution.

sh-Polypeptide-40 (INCI)
Cosmetic Placental Lactogen (sh-Polyeptide-40) is another world-first ingredient of ours with anti-irritation effects on atopic as well as sensitive skin Regeron has also proven its skin benefits through a clinical test.

sh-Polypeptide-71 (INCI)
Proprietary VIP(vasoactive intestinal peptide)-based ingredient with proposed firming and revitalizing effects. VIP (sh-Polypeptide-71) stimulates proliferation of cultured human keratinocytes in addition to reinforcing EGF effects on them. Regeron has developed synthetic VIP as a cosmetic ingredient for the first time in the world.

sh-Oligopeptide-1 (INCI)
Popular epidermal growth factor(EGF)-based ingredient for general skincare needs.

•  BLDA adopts combinatorial formulations of proprietary growth factors. 

•  BLDA stabilizes all and every bioactive growth factors of scientific evidence-based CS-formulations.

•  Therefore BLDA is not an option but a must for reverse-aging skincare. 

•   Also available with mesotherapy. (Mesotherapy : Esthetic skin treatments using micro needle rollers or other devices to help efficient penetration of cosmetic actives into proper skin layers.)

Brightening ............ CS-B
Renewal .................  CS-R
Anti-wrinkle ............ CS-W
Anti-blemishes ....... CS-A 
Hair care ................. CS-T


Synthetic proteins of Regeron are devoid of any animal derived material by design and produced by synthetic vector systems tailored to express target proteins.
Mass production of synthetic proteins are enabled by applying recombinant DNA technology. A breakthrough in the field of cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals that validated topical application of proteins and their efficacies on the intact skin has been achieved for the first time in the world by Regeron. 


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