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Pristeen is a cosmetic line - containing the world-first functional cosmetic ingredients Sh-Growth PP Complex as main functional cosmetic ingredients - for use in specialty skincare chains including drugstores.

Pristeen은  hGH(인간성장호르몬)와 동일한 단백질 구조의 첨단 바이오 특허성분 Repilosome-GY 에 한방 추출물을 배합하여 건강하고 아름다운  모발로 가꾸어주는 헤어케어 제품입니다.

Product Line

Key Ingredients

Pristeen Shampoo 250ml

사용방법 : 1회 이상 충분히 펌핑하여 두피를 맛사지 하듯 손 끝으로 가볍게 샴푸 합니다.

성분 : Repilosome-GY (hGH : sh-Polypeptide-7), 고삼 추출물, 감초 추출물, 일당귀 추출물 등

Pristeen Hair Tonic 100ml

사용방법 : 흠뻑 젖지 않고 두피 표면만 촉촉할 정도의 양만 두피 안쪽을 향해 분사한 후 손끝을 이용하여 가볍게 두드리며 마사지 합니다.
성분 : Repilosome-GY (hGH : sh-Polypeptide-7), 고삼 추출물, 일당귀 추출물 등.


Synthetic proteins of Regeron are devoid of any animal derived material by design and produced by synthetic vector systems tailored to express target proteins.
Mass production of synthetic proteins are enabled by applying recombinant DNA technology. A breakthrough in the field of cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals that validated topical application of proteins and their efficacies on the intact skin has been achieved for the first time in the world by Regeron. 


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